Please kindly follow the steps below to process your payment for your student account.
Pay via:

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: Brilliant Maths and Science Education UK
Account Number: 74551583

  • On receipt of your payment, your Student ID Number and access details will be made available to you by email.
  • Study the lessons, examples and workout the exercises/quizzes and get feedback at the end of each exercise/quiz.
  • Click Here to Pay fees for Virtual Classes (Look for Virtual Classes)
    This gives access to the student's specific Year Group/Grade Lessons, Mental Maths, and Videos.
  • Login to your specific year group/grade with your provided access details on page.
  • Year 1 - 3 /Grade 1 - 2 are FREE and Unit 1 of all other year groups/grades are FREE Subscription.
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