Unit 7 Lesson 10: Exercise 3

  1. There are 24 hours in a day. A thief was sentenced to 65 days in jail. How many hours is that?
  2. A motor-bike costs £ A bicycle costs 3 times less. What is the cost of the bicycle?
  3. By how much is 65 times 78 greater than 5000?
  4. 18 rulers cost 216pence. What is the cost of a ruler?
  5. 25 times a number is 8650. Find the number.
  6. There were 2350 guests at a palace feast. Each guest was served with 4 drinks during the feast. How many drinks were served at the feast altogether?
  7. A shopkeeper makes £5875 in a week. How much does he make in 2 months if there are 4 weeks in 1 month?
  8. 8 packets of cereal fit in a box. How many boxes will be needed to hold 400 packets?
  9. There are 38 books on a shelf. How many books will be on 100 shelves if each shelf carries the same number of books?
  10. A bucket contains 250 marbles. How many marbles altogether in 3 buckets?
  11. A car travels at 63km per hour. How far will it travel in 18 hours?
  12. In 15 days, Chris read 435 pages of a book. If he reads the same number of pages in each day, how many pages did he read in a day?
  13. There are 23 drawers in a large cookery. If each drawer contains 136 napkins, how many napkins are there altogether?
  14. A cinema complex receives 4287 people on weekend shows. How many people does it hold in 4 such weekend shows?
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