Unit 7 Lesson 10: Exercise 2

  1. 11 workers each earned an amount of £3528. How much money did the company give out altogether?
  2. A wooden stick is 375mm long. What will be the length of a new stick formed by joining 12 wooden sticks together end – to – end?
  3. Find the cost of a litre of petrol if 9 litres cost £38.43.
  4. A box of jam weighs 8500g. What will 7 boxes of jam weigh?
  5. It takes 48 hours to finish a production. How long would it take to finish 125 productions?
  6. David’s mum got him 48 stamps from the post office. He shares the stamps with three friends. How many stamps did each child get if the stamps were shared equally?
  7. A farmer got £3350 for selling 50 sheep. At what price was each sheep sold at?
  8. There are 189 pages in a book. How many pages altogether will there be in 18 such books?
  9. A sofa set costs £758. How much will a shop get from selling 8 sofa sets?
  10. There are 37 doughnuts in each box. How many boxes can 1 buy to get exactly 703 doughnuts?
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