Unit 7 Lesson 10: Exercise 1

  1. Zara was given £28 to by some toys for Christmas. If each of the toys she got costs £2, how many toys did she get?
  2. Carl has 14 boxes containing marbles. If each box contains 10 marbles, how many marbles does he have altogether?
  3. Darren’s dad gave £36 to each of his 3 children. How much did he give out altogether?
  4. A book contains 244 pages. Jay wants to read 4 pages a day. How many days will he take to finish the book?
  5. Benson wants to plant some seeds in her backyard garden. She bought 354 seeds and plans to plant them on 6 garden beds evenly. How many seeds will she plant on each garden bed?
  6. Mary buys 5750 apples and decides to package them into 25 boxes. If each box takes the same number of apples, how many apples will each box take?
  7. A school bus has 35 seats; each child having a seat to himself. How many children can 7 school buses carry to school if all the buses have the same number of seats?
  8. A manufacturing company produces 1560 drinks in a day. The drinks produced each day are packed into crates of 12 drinks. How many crates will the workers need to pack the drinks produced in each day?
  9. A university has 2326 students in each year group. How many students are in 3 year groups?
  10. There are 365 days in a year, how many days are there in 15 years?
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