Unit 4 Lesson 4: Exercise 1

Answer the following questions.

1) I have 201 books in my library. My father gave me 191 books. How many books do I have altogether?

2) There were 495 students in a cinema. 45 students joined the cinema later. How many students were in the cinema altogether?

3) A farmer planted 95 seeds. He later planted 214 seeds. How many seedlings did he plant altogether?

4) What is the sum of 199 and 115?

5) Joe had 207 marbles. He gave 100 marbles to James. He lost 7 of his marbles. How many marbles had he left?

6) A pencil costs 99 pence and a pen costs 14 pence. How much will I pay if I buy a pen and a pencil?

7) What is the difference between 194 and 88?

8) A farmer planted 189 seeds. Only 118 seedlings grew, how many did not grow?

9) There were 399 people on a field. 214 left the field, how many people were left on the field?

10) There were 221 cans of drinks in the fridge. We drank 148 cans. How many cans were left?

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