We have available 10 learning modules which are adequate to prepare secondary school students for the WAEC/WASSCE/JAMB/KTC/MATRIC/IGCSE/GRADE 10 examinations.

**Each Module comes with videos for each respective chapter. Each video is thirty-minutes or more.

  • Register as a student by clicking on STUDENT REGISTRATION to obtain your registration number.
  • Choose your required Modules and to purchase your modules, click on the BUY NOW button and then click on the CHECKOUT button and go through the Payment Process.
  • Pay via Credit/Debit Card or:

Bank Name: HSBC
Account Name: Brilliant Maths and Science Education UK
Account Number: 74551583

  • On receipt of your payment, your Student ID Number and your required Module will be sent to you by PDF.
  • Each module of the course has several chapters and each chapter is made up of sub-topics. There are one or more exercises at the end of each sub-topic.
  • Registered Brilliant Maths students are expected to study the examples and work out the answers to the exercises under each sub-topic showing all the required steps.
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