Form 2 Unit 1 Lesson 6: Solving Problems using the calculator

At the end of the topic the students should be able to:

  • Know the strategies for finding the unknown in a problem.

Using the calculator saves time. It allows us to work out difficult and time consuming questions quickly.
To solve a problem, use the following strategies;

  • Understand the situation.
  • Read the description carefully. Underline key fact and what you are asked to find.
  • Look for useful strategies.
  • Follow your best strategy towards a solution.
  • Show all the working clearly and explain your solution in a way that others can follow.

Example 1
Melanie buys 45 kilograms of flour to bake her birthday cake at a cost of $5.78 per 5 kg bag. Find the cost of the flour.
Number of bags: 45÷ 5 =9
Cost    = 9× $5.78
Cost of the flour is $52

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