Lesson 5 – Place Value Of Decimal Numbers


At the end of the lesson, students should be able to know the place value; value of all the digits in a given decimal number.

Decimal numbers are numbers written with a point in between two digits.

0.2,   0.0364,    65.3245,    100.029 are all examples of decimal numbers.

Just as whole numbers have place value, decimal numbers also have place values. Numbers to the left of the decimal point are whole numbers and those to the right of the point are less than 1. They are fractions of 10, 100, 1000, etc depending on the number of digits after the decimal point. The place value of the whole numbers are ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc. from the decimal point going left. From the decimal point going right, the place value of the digits are tenth, hundredth, thousandths etc.

Example 1

Zero point three two is written as 0.32.

One point two four five is written as 1.245.

Twenty three point nine four six is written as 23.946

Using the place value chart, we have;

0.32 is written in the table, with 0 in the unit column, 3 in the tenths position and 2 in the hundredths place.


Example 2

Write the value and place value of the underlined digits in the numbers below.

  1. 27.2158
  2. 6.437
  3. 18.9314

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