Lesson 18- Problems Involving Decimals


At the end of this lesson, students should be able to understand and solve word problems involving decimals.

Decimal word problems are just like any other word problems except that they involve decimal numbers and not whole numbers.

Example 1

Three cylinders weigh 52.4kg, 48.06kg and 63.587kg. What is the total weight of the three cylinders?

Example 2

Mary bought items from a super market that totalled £18.05. How much change did she get if she paid £20 at the counter?


Total cost of items = £18.05

Amount paid at counter = £20

Change given = £20 – £18.05

Example 3

If daddy uses 1.65 liters of petrol each day for 12 days, how many liters of petrol did he use all together?


Liters of petrol used each day = 1.65L

Liters of petrol used in 12 days = 1.65L x 12

Example 4

The product of two numbers is 96.75. If one of the numbers is 2.5, find the other number.


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