Lesson 1- Reading and Writing Decimals


At the end of this lesson, students should:

  • Know what decimals are.
  • Be able to read and write decimals.

Decimals are numbers that have a decimal point between two sets of figures.

More examples of decimals include 8.7, 16.2, 24.57, 132.7, 356.18, and 749.248.

We can read and write decimals as follows:

Example 1

6.5 can be read as six point five.

4.29 can be read as four point two nine.

Example 2

10.7 can be read as ten point seven.

15.02 can be read as fifteen point zero two.

32.146 can be read as thirty-two point one four six.

Example 3

127.3 can be read as one hundred and twenty seven point three.

456.08 can be read as four hundred and fifty six point zero eight.

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