Year 6 Unit 1 Lesson 1 – Number Of Digits In A Given Number


At the end of the lesson, students should be able to know the number of digits in a given number.

In this lesson we will learn how to know the number of digits a particular number should have.


A given number should have the following number of digits;

Example: How many digits are there in?

NOTE that the digits in a number are written in groups of three from right to left.

UNIT 1 Lesson 1: Exercise 1

Write the number of digits for the following numerals:

1. Nine hundred and seventy –eight thousand six hundred and seven.

2. Four million six hundred and sixty-two thousand nine hundred and ten.

3. Seven hundred and four thousand two hundred and two.

4. One hundred and six thousand and fifty.

5. Two million eleven thousand and nine.

6. Eight million nine hundred and twelve thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight.

Three million and fourteen.

8. One million, seventeen thousand, two hundred and one.

9. Two hundred thousand and four.

10. Nine million, ninety thousand and nineteen.

1) 6 digits          6) 7 digits

2) 7 digits          7) 7 digits

3) 6 digits          8) 7 digits

4) 6 digits          9) 6 digits

5) 7 digits         10) 7 digits


UNIT 1 Lesson 1: Exercise 2

Now write the number of digits in the following:

    1. Two hundred and seventy-three thousand five hundred and forty-six
    2. Six hundred thousand nine hundred and four
    3. Eight hundred and twenty –five thousand six hundred and twenty-eight
    4. Two million six hundred and seven thousand six hundred and twenty-eight
    5. One hundred million seven hundred and twenty-one thousand and six.
    6. One hundred and fifteen million and four.
    7. Twenty-six million and twenty-six.
    8. Three hundred and eight million and seven.
    9. Six hundred and eleven million, thirteen thousand.
    10. Nine hundred million.

1) 6 digits     6) 9 digits

2) 6 digits     7) 8 digits

3) 6 digits     8) 9 digits

4) 7 digits     9) 9 digits

5) 9 digits     10) 9 digits

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